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Welcome to GV Health Pathology's Online Collection Manual. Please use the left-hand navigation pane to select the required test, or use the Search facility at the top of this page. A list of our collection centres can be found here.

Critical results:

 An overview of critical limits for relevant test results and when/to whom they will be phoned can be viewed here

 Guidelines for Request and Specimen Labeling Requirements for Pathology

Please collect samples in the following order of draw:

 It is important to collect samples in the specific order shown below to maintain sample integrity and accuracy. Different blood tubes have different additives that can alter test results when the following order is not strictly adhered to.

Blood collection order of draw:
Description Image
1. Blood Culture bottles Sorry, currently no image available.
2. Serum Gel 4.7mL
3. Sodium Citrate 3mL
4. Lithium Heparin tube 7.5mL
5. Metals tube 6 mL
5. EDTA 2.6mL
6. EDTA 7.5mL
7. Fluoride Oxalate 2.6mL
8. ACD 9mL
For further information please contact: Collection Centre (03) 5832 2358

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Swab collection guide:
Test requested Image
Bacterial microscopy, culture and sensitivities. Cannot be used for any PCR testing.

Bordetella pertussis culture/PCR. Cannot be used for other bacterial cultures or PCR.

Respiratory Virus Detection. This must only be used for Respiratory Virus PCR. Flocked swabs are used for other viruses (see below).

Non respiratory virus PCR - E.g. Herpes virus, VZV etc (Please specify viruses to be tested on request). Cannot be used for bacterial cultures.

Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea PCR. Used for Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea PCR only.

For further information please contact: Collection Centre (03) 5832 2358

Please note:

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